Where's  Stephanie/The Film​​​​

​​ Based on the story Where's Stephanie by Lenora Livingston​, is an uplifting and compelling adoption story about a grandmother who places clues in unlikely places, hoping that  her grandaughter Stephanie, who was placed for adoption, will one day follow the clues and find her.

About The Film ​​

​​​​​​​Where's Stephanie is an exhilarating slice of Americana based on real life events. A riveting story about the love, strength and perseverance demonstrated by both the birth and adoptive families within the adoption process. Where's Stephanie will take you on an emotional journey full of surprise and suspense.​​


Be Part of Something Big​

​​​​​Where's Stephanie is an independent (Indie) film. As a newly formed production company, we have been filming this riveting adoption story for over two years without pay, digging into our pockets to pay actors, to supply food while on the set., pay for locations, props, the use of vintage cars, licensing, business supplies, etc. Our devotion has enabled us to film two-thirds of our story so far. The first one-third, slightly under 40 minutes, is ready to be submitted to film festivals in short film competition. ​​

We are at the point where we need to depend on donations to help finance the final one-third of our film. Donations can be made above. Any contribution you feel you can afford will be greatly appreciated.
Directed By: David Frederick
Produced By: Gathering Talent Productions
Screenplay By: Jo-Ann (Jody) Bierer Wilhelm

Meet the Members of Gathering Talent Productions

David Frederick
David has a BA in Acting/Directing, as well as a degree in Broadcasting/Film. He has performed professionally in New York, Chicago and Charleston.   Early in his career he was owner and operator of a theatre company, where he directed contemporary plays and produced plays by new playwrights. He's been filming and editing since 1995, first as a camera operator/editor for local  and international news network affiliates and later owning his own video/film production company, creating television commercials and documentaries. He has been teaching filmmaking and acting for over twenty years. David's professional background in theatre, music, and broadcasting/film have all come together in the making of Where's Stephanie.  
'​​        ​​Director/Producer
​​​​​​​​Jo-Ann Bierer Wilhelm​​
After working in front of the camera as a model and actress for 30 years, Jo-Ann "Jody" Bierer Wilhelm switched roles to working behind the camera. First, she adapted the screenplay Where's Stephanie from the book she wrote under the pen name Lenora Livingston.

Now, as a producer of this film, she's involved in  every aspect of the filming process, except operating the camera. Jody is totally dedicated to the success of Where's Stephanie.
Suzanne has been involved in casting talent at Millie Lewis Talent Agency since the 1980's. She has helped many young actors and models get their start. Suzanne is an inspiration to those who know her and she loves to see success. Suzanne is very devoted to the process of making Where's Stephanie  a huge success.
Louise has  also been casting and booking actors and models at Millie Lewis Modeling/Talent Agency for many years. Louise is very devoted to helping the members of the agency get hired and she's a critical player in making Where's  Stephanie a big success.

Suzanne Manseau ​​​​Green
Louise Green Teems
Casting Agent
Film Coordinator

Casting Agent
​Film Coordinator
Werner's background as a retired quality control engineer, enables him to assist with film accuracy, scene continuity, set design and the making of props. In all aspects of life, he has the nickname "MacGyver." While on the set of Where's Stephanie, he repairs anything that needs repairing, often being very creative in the way he repairs things. He's also a location scout for the film as well as being in charge of craft services, providing food and beverages for the cast and crew. 
Bob was an Aerial Photographer in the US Air Force, a Technical Photographer to the Department of the Navy as a civilian employee, has photographed numerous dignitaries and maintained a 30 year career with models in preparing their portfolio's.  As Film Photographer, Bob Kay has been promoting Where's Stephanie from its inception with his amazing photographs. Bob is also lighting consultant 
for the film.
Werner Wilhelm​​
Set coordinator
Location Scout
Bob Kay
Film Photographer

On the set: Photos from Where's Stephanie

Photography by: Bob Kay